We are hiring – Business Development Manager!

Parify Group yellow 515x380 - We are hiring - Business Development Manager!

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join Parify Group Limited as a Business Development Manager. This is a new role within our ambitious business, to continue supplying for the jewellery lighting industry, and open up new channels for our innovative smart lighting. With a range of standard products and ability to custom make bespoke designs, the opportunity exists to build the business into a significant player in standard and bespoke lighting.

We’re looking for a highly driven, B2B sales person who understands the retail market and has the ability to make serious waves: someone who has the drive, the desire to succeed and enthusiasm to realise the company’s ambitions.

It’s a new Business and Account Management role. As a successful Business Development Manager you need to identify and develop your own opportunities from existing databases and industry relationships, create a sales network, work up proposals, and be comfortable working in a highly driven, motivated environment.

You’ll probably be home based but very much part of the team, travelling to and working from our midlands factory as necessary to brief and manage projects. The future direction of the business will be driven by your efforts. There is an opportunity to build a team beneath you and develop from Business Development Manager into a Sales Director position for the right candidate.  Your desire, results and willingness to grow will make this happen.

If you have the experience, drive, determination and motivation to make a success of this opportunity, you’ll be joining a small but hard-working team that places high value on customer service, integrity and delivery solutions.

For more information about the Business Development Manager role or to apply send your CV click here

Job Title: Business Development Manager
Location: Home / office based with UK travel
Salary: £35,000 per annum + Commission + Benefits
Potential sales earnings:

Sales/Earnings Commissions Total
0-20k/month – 10% of GP over 10K Basic plus £6,000 Total of £41,000
30K Plus/month – 15% of GP Basic plus £18,000 Total of £53,000
40k plus/month – 20% of GP Basic Plus £36,000 Total of £71,000
50K plus /month – 30% of GP Basic Plus £72,000 Total of £107,000

Parify is a unique business in many ways – we design, test and build our own products at our facilities in Leicestershire, England.

What makes us different is that we have the technological and engineering capability to design and create unique and ground-breaking lighting solutions demanded by our clients. An added benefit of our products is their low impact on the environment.

Parify is built on the values of unique product design, sector specific solutions, high quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

We also pride ourselves on consistently achieving repeat business from our loyal clientele.
As technology has advanced over the past decade, we understand the need for businesses to take advantage of new lighting developments that will directly improve their bottom line through improved sales and reduced costs.

Shining bright as a WINNER at the UK Jewellery Awards 2019

pw277791 515x380 - Shining bright as a WINNER at the UK Jewellery Awards 2019

We are so pleased to announce that we have won  Service Supplier of the Year at the UK Jeweller Awards 2019. We attended the event at The Artillery Garden in London, which saw the recognition of 600 Jewellery and Watch industry experts, competing against 17 different categories.

The award judging panel was made up of 23 distinguished, industry experts, which included names from Wakefields, Beaverbrooks, The Jewellery cut and much more. To further celebrations, the night consisted of a three-course gala dinner, entertainment and an after-show party.

2019 has been a great year for us so far as we were also recently named Service Provider of the Year at the National Association of Jewellers Awards, in which our innovative products became a deciding factor in the judges’ decision.

Our very own Andy Twigg proudly stated: “We have a passion for developing high performance LED retail lighting, we are absolutely delighted for the whole team at Parify to be recognised for the high-quality solutions we supply to help our clients increase their sales.”

Scot Walker has said: “Innovation is our passion at Parify, it is truly a great feeling to be recognised for all of our hard work and to win this award.  We’ve come a long way as a team, being able to deliver bespoke solutions for jewellers and transform their space, is a great achievement for us in itself, the award is the cherry on top.”

The focus we have on innovation and delivering outstanding service is what puts us in this position, we are super happy to be adding this award to the trophy cabinet! Each member of our team at Parify is fully committed to their job and we couldn’t be prouder!

To learn more about our products, please visit: http://www.parify.co.uk/products/

For more on the UK Jewellery Awards 2019, visit: https://awards.retail-jeweller.com/winners-2019

How to stand out on a crowded high street

IMG 0155 copy 2 515x380 - How to stand out on a crowded high street

Making your store stand out on the high street is absolutely crucial when competing with large jewellery chains. Here at Parify, we are always coming up with innovative ways to help you improve your lighting. We have helped many independent jewellers and popular retailers across the world with their lighting solutions, read our case studies to find out more!

In this blog, we have highlighted some helpful points to suggest what you can do to make your shop stand out from the crowd and increase sales.

 Install effective window lighting which captures attention

Window lighting is one of the most important aspects of attracting customers on the high street. Dull lighting will kill any sparkle in your collections, but by displaying a product under good lighting, it will show off your jewellery’s features in all their glory.

Our Diamond Sparkle downlight has been designed to give your displays the ‘wow factor’ and is perfect for capturing the attention of passing shoppers. This innovative downlight has multiple, rotating LED lights rather than spotlights, which enables every facet of a diamond sparkle and shine. You can watch an example of Diamond Sparkle alongside our Cerebra 38 downlight working together to create a dramatic sparkle in Cry For The Moon’s window display in the video below.

Be clever with your window displays

There are a couple of clever ways you can change up your window displays to be more effective:

2. Get your angles right

It’s obvious that your lights should be positioned in a way that creates sparkle, but what about the jewellery itself? By placing lighting directly above your jewellery pieces, you can reflect the light off the table of the diamond. This means the light (and sparkle from the diamond!) will naturally be reflected into the customer’s eyes without it being too bright.

2. Implement a flexible & adaptable solution

Our sister company Progressive Display offers a wireless shelving solution which allows you to rearrange shelving with ease; allowing you to change the layout of your window displays without having to remove or reposition cabling. One of the best things about this wireless shelving solution is that they are incorporated with our lighting!

IMG 0162 copy 200x300 - How to stand out on a crowded high street Nicholas Wylde 2 copy 200x300 - How to stand out on a crowded high street IMG 0158 copy 2 200x300 - How to stand out on a crowded high street

Take a look at how these tips helped Nicholas Wylde Jewellers. Nicholas Wylde, the Managing Director was very impressed with his new window displays…

I travel the world to exhibitions and always keep my eye out for new ideas and innovations. We got together with Scot and he designed my window and put in the amazing products and I’m extremely pleased. In the last month we’ve had about half a dozen clients say: ‘wow what a change’ and ‘look at that sparkle.’”

 Highlight any unique collections with ActivWhite

Picture the scene, your jewellery shop is placed on the high street, but so are three others. They all seem to be doing really well, so how do you compete when you’re selling the same brands and collections? Our advice would be to choose the more unique collections, such as the ones designed by local jewellers, after all it’s not necessarily the collection – but how it’s displayed.

You can make your collections stand out with Parify’s ActivWhite technology. This technology will allow you to change the colour output of your Parify lighting from your Smartphone app. For example, if you chose to install our Cerebra lighting, you can have a cool, white lighting shining on silver which will complement the colours more than a warm light. You can read more about maximising your jewellery displays with our blog here.

Our ActivWhite technology can be effective for enticing customers into your shop when installed throughout the interior of your store too. It can be used to influence shoppers throughout different seasons. For example, in the colder, winter months you can change your lighting colours inside the store to be warm light, which will entice shoppers in. And in the warmer, summer months; a cool white light can be used to entice shoppers in from the heat.


There’s a lot to consider when trying to make your store stand out on the high street. If you’d like more help standing out and want to make a difference to your sales, then get in touch with our experts about our innovative solutions.

How does bad lighting affect your sales?

Parify Bad lighting blog graphic 515x380 - How does bad lighting affect your sales?

Lighting is absolutely crucial in a jewellery store to help you showcase your pieces to the best of their ability. Here at Parify, we are constantly adapting and innovating our range of custom made and bespoke lighting solutions. All of our products are proudly made in the UK and have been used by many independent jewellers to well-known retailers across the world, just look at our case-studies.

Below we have highlighted why bad lighting can affect your sales and have suggested how great lighting can have a positive impact.

Stand out on the high street

Window lighting is important when it comes to attracting customers on the high street, but it is not the only thing to consider. The interior of your store needs to match what is reflected in the window displays. If your displays are bright, your store should be too. To state the obvious, shop windows are transparent so if the shop itself looks dull then it won’t stand out or entice people inside. Light can’t be seen until it hits a surface, so jewellers should be thinking about bright/light décor, surfaces and shelving.


Don’t be dull!

When displaying jewellery under the wrong colour or tone of light, there is every chance you will make your jewellery look different – and not in a good way. Dull lighting will kill any sparkle in a diamond or gemstone, or if you place silver jewellery under warm lighting it can make pieces look gold; this isn’t ideal as it could potentially put the consumer off buying.

By displaying a product under a light that shows off the features correctly the consumer can see what they are buying and how it will look when they are wearing it.

Parify Lumbers 3 copy 2 1024x728 - How does bad lighting affect your sales?

Did you know that most of our lighting range is available with our ActivWhite technology? This is a lighting control system which enables you to control your Parify lighting, including tones and colours, from your smartphone or tablet via the Smartlight App. You can read more about it here.

Frightful fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights have become really outdated and do not showcase jewellery well. Under the correct lighting, a 1 carat diamond solitaire will look fantastic in comparison to if it was under fluorescent light. Although this example might seem a bit extreme, it’s absolutely true and is still seen in so many stores! Below are two different examples of lighting, on the left we have fluorescent lighting and the other is an example of our state of the art LED lighting. Which looks better to you?

fluorescent phosphors 3 300x169 - How does bad lighting affect your sales? IMG 0093 copy 1 300x168 - How does bad lighting affect your sales?

Final thoughts

With experience in providing retail lighting solutions to over a third of the jewellery industry, we know what we’re talking about! If you need more help in deciding what is right for your store and will help you to sell more diamonds and fine jewellery, get in touch with our experts today by calling us on: 01509 323 111 or send an email to info@parifygroup.com.

5 ways to make the most of your window displays

IMG 0268 copy 2 515x380 - 5 ways to make the most of your window displays

An eye catching window display is one of the most important ways of attracting sales for your jewellery store. They are your first opportunity to create an impression and capture the attention of potential customers. Particularly, customers who don’t know what they want to purchase… yet.

Getting the most out of your window displays doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive either. Here are our top tips for creating the perfect shop window.

Tip 1: Lighting up every facet of your diamonds

As every jeweller knows, diamonds have their own unique sparkle. And it’s vital that your window displays show this sparkle in the most eye-catching way possible.

This is why the lighting you use is incredibly important. It’s vital that your window lighting illuminates your diamonds from every single angle so your customer can clearly see the cut, colour and clarity of the diamonds on display.

Using a lighting solution consisting of multiple LEDs rather than spotlights allows every facet of the diamond to sparkle and shine from all sides. Just look at how our window lighting solution Cerebra 38 draws the attention of passing shoppers at Chisholm Hunter here.

Our perfect shop window solution would be Cerebra 38 which is a technologically advanced downlight consisting of multiple LEDs. Pair this with a rotating light such as Diamond Sparkle, and this symbiotic relationship between the two lights creates a sparkle in fine jewellery like no other.

IMG 0086 copy 300x200 - 5 ways to make the most of your window displays  IMG 0168 copy 300x200 - 5 ways to make the most of your window displays  IMG 0113 copy 300x200 - 5 ways to make the most of your window displays


Tip 2: Getting the right angle

It’s one thing ensuring that your window lights are positioned in a way that creates sparkle in the pieces displayed, but the jewellery itself should also be arranged in a way that the light reflects off the ‘table’ of the diamond.

This naturally means the light should come down from above so it is then reflected into the customer’s eyes without being too bright or overbearing.

Some of the light is taken in by the diamond itself, so it’s important that there’s a balance between how much is reflected and absorbed in order to give the best glimmer.

Tip 3: Adjusting your lighting for maximum impact

Every jewellery piece or collection in your display is unique. Therefore, a great window display incorporates versatile, adjustable lighting that best suits your stock.

For instance, a colourless diamond will shine to its best potential when illuminated under a cool light, whereas yellow diamonds will ‘perform’ better with a little more warmth in the light. But how can you change the colour output of your lights without the need to physically change the LEDs?

Introducing our ActivWhite technology! This piece of innovative technology allows you to easily change the colour output of your lighting from a smartphone or tablet. What’s more, it’s available across a huge range of our lighting – in particular the Cerebra range we mentioned earlier.

It can be difficult to visualise this innovative technology, so why not watch it in action.

Tip 4: A flexible, adaptable window captures attention

Your window displays can be creative. Don’t be shy to use accent colours to tremendous effect, just take a look at the solution we implemented at Hancocks Jewellers.

Also, having pieces on different levels brings a unique layout to your window and even makes your finest pieces stand out even more.

Wireless shelving, like this solution from our sister company Progressive Display, allows you to rearrange shelving in your windows without having to reinstall or remove cabling. This means you can place key products or collections in prime viewing and truly maximise the space available to you.

And what’s more, each shelf incorporates Parify’s adjustable lighting! Just take a look at our solution at Nicholas Wylde Jewellers.

Hancocks Cerebra Diamond Sparkle copy 2 300x200 - 5 ways to make the most of your window displays  IMG 0155 copy 2 300x200 - 5 ways to make the most of your window displays  IMG 0055 copy 2 300x200 - 5 ways to make the most of your window displays

Tip 5: Maximise your jewellery displays with Parify

There’s a lot to consider when creating a window display, and lighting is just one area. To find out how we can help you display your pieces in a beautiful light and sell more diamonds and fine jewellery, talk to our experts about our innovative solutions.

Service Supplier of the Year Award – We’re coming for you!

UK Jewellery Awards Parify 515x380 - Service Supplier of the Year Award – We’re coming for you!

We’ve made the shortlist for ‘Service Supplier of the Year’ at the 2019 UK Jewellery Awards for a second time! This is a national awards ceremony that recognises outstanding companies in the jewellery and watch industry.

It’s amazing to be nominated again for the Service Supplier of the Year award. The awards will be held in The Artillery Garden by the Honourable Artillery Company, London on the 3rd July. The event will see 600 jewellery and Watch industry experts compete in 17 different categories awarded; with winners being judged by industry professionals. We have our fingers crossed!

Why have we been shortlisted?

In 2018 we invested in bringing our ActivWhite technology across more of our lighting range. This intelligent lighting system enables a jewellery store owner to control the colour (colour of light, brightness and overall ambience of their store, which has never been done before, from the simplicity of our Smartlight app) of their Parify lighting from a smartphone or tablet via the Smartlight app. This has also helped our clients to cut down on energy costs, saving them money.

We are constantly thinking about what will drive more diamond and fine jewellery sales for our clients and this creates the base to our business planning and innovation. The Smartlight app for ActivWhite was introduced as we recognised jewellery retailers needed more flexibility and ultimate control over their lighting.

Here at Parify, we have introduced ‘The Parify Promise’ which takes our customers on a journey of outstanding service. We are built on the values of unique product design, sector specific solutions, high quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Helping our clients improve their business in any way we can, gives us great satisfaction and we will continue to do so.

Our Co-Owner & Director, Andy, has said “We pride ourselves on innovation and consistently achieving repeat business from loyal clientele, which is achieved constantly by our excellent customer service experience.”

The focus we have on innovation and delivering outstanding service is what puts us in this shortlisting position. We already have the ‘Service Provider of the Year’ award from the National Association of Jewellers, and we were also a finalist at the Professional Jeweller Awards for ‘Jewellery Industry Supplier of the Year’ last year.

Let’s hope we can go one step further this year and add the ‘Service Supplier of the Year’ award to our trophy cabinet! Each member of our team at Parify is fully committed to their job and we couldn’t be prouder!

If you want to follow Parify on our awards journey, then you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Wish us luck!

The secret to selling diamonds…

Parify blog 515x380 - The secret to selling diamonds...

We were recently featured in Professional Jeweller with the aim of giving jewellers up and down the UK the secret to selling more diamonds. Read it for yourself below!

Serious about selling diamonds? Our Co-owner & Director Scot Walker explains the secret to selling more jewellery…

Fine jewellery needs to be shown in the best light, and we mean that literally! What many jewellers don’t realise is that the correct lighting for diamonds is a lot more involved than just illuminating the products.

When browsing a jewellery shop window, people are attracted to a particular piece because of how it sparkles in the display, and the ability to see cut, colour and clarity. For example, a 1ct diamond solitaire looks fantastic under the correct lighting, but it would look entirely different underneath fluorescent light. This is an extreme example, but very often seen in many stores. Put these two stores side by side, one lit by fluorescents, and the other by state of the art LED’s, which diamond would you choose to look at?

Many jewellers believe that the standard type of LED lighting that has been on the market for the past 5 years is the way forward, and it has served its purpose handsomely… until now.

Since the launch of Parify’s Cerebra, the business of selling diamonds has never been easier. Granted, the current generation of LED’s do show diamonds off in all their glory, but it pales in comparison when illuminated by Cerebra. The multiple LED’s in the Cerebra, ensure that each and every facet of the stone has light entering it, so the sparkle is like nothing ever seen before.

Secondly, the ActivWhite colour adjustment of the Cerebra enables the white light output to be specifically tuned to the requirements of your stock. Colourless diamonds can be showcased to their best potential under a cool light, where yellow diamonds perform better with a little more warmth in the light. Cerebra allows you to adjust the light via a smartphone or tablet, to suit your collections.

In an ideal world, the perfect lighting scheme would incorporate Cerebra downlights and Diamond Sparkle rotating lights. This is because the first step of selling a diamond is to get someone looking in your window, so we need to attract them first.

The rotating LED’s in Diamond Sparkle make your whole display twinkle and sparkle before your eyes, thus creating intrigue and interest. Cerebra then enables the customers to clearly see cut, colour and clarity. This scheme then would follow through into the store, where we would position Cerebra 26 downlights above your consultation tables to ensure the jewellery looks as good when the customer is inspecting it, as it did in the window.

Sale achieved, happy customer – happy jeweller!

Looking back at International Jewellery London

The Parify Group at IJL

Armed with the message ‘Serious about selling diamonds?’ We were delighted to be amongst the stunning displays at this year’s International Jewellery London (IJL) exhibition, showing our innovative range of lighting solutions. Our Co-owners & Directors, Andy and Scot, had a great time meeting with jewellery professionals and store owners, proudly showing our lighting solutions and products.

Were you there too? Let’s take a look back at a truly ‘dazzling’ event.

Putting innovative lighting in the spotlight

The best quality jewellery needs to be shown in the best quality light. Andy and Scot were all too happy to show the difference that the right lighting can make in a store display and for enticing potential buyers to take a closer look at the jewellery.

Stealing the limelight was our Cerebra and ActivWhite technology combination. Andy and Scot gave an in-depth demonstration of how this brings out the best sparkle and how easy it is to create the right tone of light to complement the jewels’ unique sparkle.

The Parify Group at IJL The Parify Group at IJL The Parify Group at IJL

For anyone looking to boost their diamond sales, this combination of adaptable lighting really does make a significant difference. Take a look at this article to learn more.

Hear from the co-owners themselves

After returning back to Parify HQ, Andy said, “It was great to be at IJL 2018. It was a pleasure to meet with clients who clearly understand that the only way to succeed on the high street is by investing in their store delivering the highest customer experience and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Are you serious about selling diamonds? 

It was a great experience for the Parify Group to be at IJL and we were amazed at each of the stands we visited. If you’d like to have another look at our lighting solutions and how they can work in your store, get in touch with the team.

Serious about selling diamonds?

IJL LOGOS 2018 441x380 - Serious about selling diamonds?

IJL will take place from the 2nd until the 4th of September at the Olympia in London. As the UK’s leading trade event for jewellers, the exhibition is the go-to place for jewellers from across the world. This year’s exhibition is set to be huge with buyers from over 70 countries expected to attend. And we’re looking forward to meeting them!

We’ll be at Stand M41 with a demonstration of our Cerebra and Diamond Sparkle lighting range, as well as information about our other innovative solutions, such as our ActivWhite technology.

Often, standard LED lights just don’t create the best sparkle from your diamonds. We’ll be showing how our lighting ranges compare to standard LED lights, so you can see first-hand why choosing the right type of lighting really matters if you’re serious about selling your diamonds.

Then there’s the colour and tone of your lights. This is just as important as the type of light that you use in your displays as different jewels will shine better in certain lighting combinations. We’ll be showing how our ActivWhite technology makes manging different bulbs and tones simple and straightforward and the results you can achieve.

Don’t just take our word though – come and see the difference lighting from Parify can make at Stand M41. We’re excited to meet with anyone serious about selling diamonds and to be at such a prestigious exhibition like IJL.

See you there!

We’ve been shortlisted in the Professional Jewellery Awards!

PJ voting copy - We’ve been shortlisted in the Professional Jewellery Awards!

We’ve made the shortlist for ‘Jewellery Supplier of the Year’ at this year’s Professional Jeweller Awards again! It’s a great honour to be nominated in this category once more, having been on last year’s shortlist, but we need your help to take home the Award.

The Professional Jeweller Awards, which will be held on 3rd September at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London,are seen as a prestigious accolade for anyone working in jewellery. They aim to celebrate the achievements of the UK jewellery industry over the last 12 months, bringing together suppliers like ourselves and stand-out brands nominated in 16 different categories.

Our proud co-director and owner Andy explains, “We take pride in delivering great products and services with outstanding service. Every jeweller is different and has unique requirements. This is why we do everything we can to advise each jeweller on the right solution, in order to best demonstrate their collections in all their glory, to ultimately drive sales for their business.

Over the years, we’ve supplied our lighting solutions to jewellers of all sizes, from independent chains through to major high street names. And it’s always a fantastic moment when we see the difference that our solutions make.

It’s our focus on innovation and delivering an outstanding service every time which has resulted in us already picking up the ‘Service Provider of the Year’ at the prestigious National Association of Jewellers Awards last year, and we were also named as a finalist at the recent UK Jewellery Awards for ‘Service Supplier of the Year’.

Now, we’re hoping to add the Professional Jeweller Award for ‘Jewellery Supplier of the Year’to our cabinet. Each member of the Parify team is fully committed to developing new, dynamic solutions to really put jewellery in the spotlight, and each award nomination we receive is a testament to how much they all invest in their work. We couldn’t be prouder of them all!

As our co-director and owner Scot Walker says, “It has been a truly remarkable and exciting period for us lately at Parify. Being nominated for Jewellery Industry Supplier of the Year at the Professional Jeweller Awards again is testament to the hard work that everyone has been putting in over the last year. We’re excited to be back at the awards for a second year running, and are looking forward to networking with some of the other nominees and influential names in the jewellery industry. We’re really hopeful for more success to come in the future!”

If you believe that we deserve the crown of ‘Jewellery Supplier of the Year’, please vote for us here.