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    Creating a new look

A new look for Lumbers in Leicester

Eye-catching, reliable lighting is essential for any jewellers. This was especially true for Lumbers, based just down the road from us in Leicester. The store has a strong history in the city having been established all the way back in 1881. They called us in to upgrade the existing lighting and thereby provide a more reliable, eye catching lighting solution bringing a modern feel to its displays.

Parify Lumbers 3 515x380 - A new look for Lumbers in Leicester
Lumber copy 515x380 - A new look for Lumbers in Leicester

The Solution

Though Lumbers has been hugely successful for decades, the chain’s lighting at its Leicester High Street store had a tendency to stop working and didn’t give the luxury pieces in the window displays the full ‘treatment’ required to make them stand out. Of course, this can have a detrimental effect on the sales of high value, luxury jewellery.

We replaced the existing, older spot lights with our Cerebra 26and Diamond Sparklecombination, which is rapidly becoming the default method of window display lighting as it provides both full adjustability of colour and brightness, whilst giving sparkle and clarity to the displays.

The previous lighting lacked the sufficient power and brightness to show the diamonds to their full potential. However, our combination meant that the natural beauty of Lumbers’ diamonds and other pieces would be noticed by shoppers going up and down the High Street.

Given that Cerebra 26and Diamond Sparkleis an adjustable ActivWhite solution, Lumbers now has the flexibility to create new displays by using different effects. This means they aren’t limited to undimmable, fixed colour lighting.

Thanks to our innovative ActivWhite technology, the colour output of Lumbers’ new window lighting can now be adjusted from warm white all the way through to cool white from a tablet or smartphone in the store, using our app – Smartlight. In short, the store is always assured of a vibrant display which truly puts its jewellery in the best light.

Lumbers has an upstairs event lounge which is used for special occasions, charity events, and product launches amongst other things. We installed our ActivWhite lighting to this zone to permit the room to be ambiently lit for dining. When required, the room can be ‘brightened’ and ‘whitened’ at the touch of a button, allowing Lumbers to present their jewellery effectively to their many clients. This completely flexible lighting solution has worked fantastically for Lumbers.

We strive to work in harmony with our customers’ businesses.The installation team worked with Lumbers during their open hours, as we do with many of our installations. This enabled the store to trade, with disruption being kept to a minimum. Our installation team work in a small area at a time, and keeping the store neat and tidy is critical – we even ensure all power tools and noise stops when a customer enters the store!

Dominic Gomersall, Managing Director

Parify’s lights have re-energised our showroom and windows. The flexibility and versatility ensure we are lit correctly for every sale and event opportunity. It is truly the lighting system for the modern, successful jeweller.