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    Bringing their displays to life

Bringing Beaverbrooks’ displays to life

Beaverbrooks has been bringing luxury jewellery to the public since 1919. The family values which the chain was founded upon still run through its heart today, making Beaverbrooks one of the names of choice for engagement rings and other beautiful pieces.

Parify was enlisted by Beaverbrooks some years back to provide more energy efficient LED lighting for a growing number of stores. They required lighting which would also improve the illumination levels and enable the jewellery to be showcased in all its glory.

Beaverbrooks Westfield 515x380 - Bringing Beaverbrooks' displays to life

The Solution

We installed new 30W Prail LED downlights, which would capture the beauty in Beaverbrooks’ displays without creating an overpowering brightness. The new lights were designed to fit in the holes left by the removal of the old lights, thus meaning an expensive soffit replacement was not needed.

Our Prail downlights were specifically chosen for Beaverbrooks, to allow the brilliance of the diamonds to be shown off. As any major jeweller knows, each diamond has its own qualityand so it was important that the lights were able to capture this and compliment the other pieces at the same time.

We also worked closely to Beaverbrooks’ deadline, carrying out our installation outside of the store’s opening hours to keep disruption to a minimum and delivering the outstanding results we always strive for.


"Parify have been providing innovative LED light fittings for our new stores and refits over the last 3 years. All fittings are beautifully designed, manufactured in the UK and come with a no quibble 5-year warranty."