• D.C. Leake
    Reducing business costs through lighting

DC Leake

It was Parify that got in touch with DC Leake which then formed the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. The initial project was to reduce the business’ running costs. Paul and Nigel have a stunning store in Nuneaton, which had a huge amount of MR16 lamps, consuming over 42,000W of electricity per day, a substantial amount for the store.

dc leake example
DC leake main entrance

The Solution

We made the illumination in the store more consistent, ensured there was no longer a need for daily bulb changes, and no bulb replacement costs. After the initial project, we reduced the electricity to just 4,200W per day, a reduction of 90%, giving a payback of just over 6 months.

The store is open 6 days a week, and for 8.5 hours per day. With a saving of 75+% of electricity, these lamps will pay for themselves well under 2 years (considering bulb changes), and the store is not exposed to energy market fluctuations as previously.

After the project, we were then called back to begin replacing the Metal Halide lamps in the windows as they were beginning to fail and colour shift. The new lamps work fabulously, are much cooler and the light is very consistent throughout the window displays.

Paul White, DC Leake

Not being a qualified lighting engineer, I do not see how any improvements can be made to the products. All I know is that I am here to sell jewellery and Parify’s products help me to display it to its best potential. We are currently in the process of changing all our down-lights in the windows, having been more than satisfied that the system supplied by Parify does exactly what they indicated it would.