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Jayant Jewellers

Following an initial visit to Jayant Asian jewellery shop in Leicester, the project to re-illuminate the windows and the general shop was started. The small window looked dim compared to others on the Golden Mile in Leicester – a district where there are large numbers of Asian Jewellery stores.

Jayant are very well known for manufacturing their own Asian jewellery, as such, the intricate works of art that Mr Harji and his team create need illuminating properly. The general store lighting was provided by GU10 lamps upon our arrival, and Mr Harji informed us that they were changing bulbs virtually every day.

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The Solution

The Prail 40-4 as always was chosen to illuminate the window in 5000K, with 30 degree beam angle. As always, a nice bright window will bring attention to your store, enabling you to show off your jewellery to the best of your ability.

Above the counters we installed Prail 15-2 down-lighters above the gold jewellery counters, in 4500K which is a neutral colour, enabling the gold to look nicely gold, but also allowing the intricate cuts made into the jewellery to really sparkle. Above the diamond counters, we installed Blok 15-3, again in 4500K.

Running down the centre of the store, we installed a track system with 6 x 20W and 40W lamps from our Trak range, to give flexibility in lighting the wall cabinets down either side of the store.

Total electrical consumption for the lighting in the store is now only 533W.

Rupesh, Jayant Jewellers

We are delighted with the quality of service given, and also astounded by the LED lights fitted. The management team were extremely helpful and always easy to reach regarding any enquires that we had. Same can be said about the installation team, very friendly and to have the lights fitted and re- wiring done within a day, was great for us, limiting any more days shut.

Starting with the front window display, it has been illuminated remarkably and makes the shop stand out. Inside, the showroom has created such brightness and it gives it a whole new feel. Our main concern was about the lighting on asian jewellery where we need the correct tint. After doing research with many other companies or buying and testing, we found these lights could not be competed with. I'm sure we will see a difference in electricity bills too