• John Dyson
    Reducing costs through lighting

John Dyson

A drastic reduction in heat build-up in the windows of Leeds Jeweller John Dyson was one of the key motivators for the upgrade in lighting to Parify Prail 40-4, with a 30 degree beam angle. The enclosed window corridor of the store was accessed both morning and night by the staff and in summer the temperature of this corridor was between 35 and 45 degrees celsius. The old Metal Halide lamps, with 15 degree beam angles gave such a concentrated beam, that all of the light was focused in an area of just 300mm in diameter, consuming over 3885W per hour.

The concentration of this light, together with the heat and high UV levels, meant that John Dyson Jewellers were regularly discounting watches and straps due to bleaching. In one instance, £4000 was discounted off several watches.

John Dyson example

The Solution

Once Parify’s lighting was installed, the consumption from the Prail 40-4 LED’s was just 882W, a reduction of energy of 77%.

To ensure that the windows temperature levels were at an absolute minimum, we also installed 19 Parify USL (under shelf Luminaires) to the lower shelf in the window. These units replace the 70W Metal Halide units previously installed. The energy saving of these lamps is 76%.

Since the installation of the new lights, the window corridor is much cooler, maintaining the same temperature as the rest of the shop (22-25 degrees C), therefore making it a much more pleasant environment for the staff of the store.


The visual aspects of the displays have been commented on by all staff with the new lights giving ‘a much more consistent blanket of light across the displays’. Colours in the windows are rendered much better, watches look crisper and diamonds sparkle fabulously. The store has been completely transformed.