• Syston Jewellers
    Using Linea to update cabinets

Syston Jewellers

Having been approached by Mr Popat at Syston Jewellers, his objective was to improve the lighting of all cabinets within the store.

Syston Jewellers Parify Case Study 1

The Solution

Initially all MR16 Halogen lamps were swapped out for Parify GU10 5W spots in 6000K, creating a much fresher look to the store than with the old halogens.

The next stage was to install Linea in each cabinet. One length of 1600LM/M Linea was installed to each cabinet and the results speak for themselves.

A mixture of Metal Halide lamps and MR16 spotlights were used in just the window displays, consuming over 6000W per hour.


We really enjoyed working with Mr Popat. By updating his lighting and utilising Linea in cabinets, his entire shop felt fresher. It's amazing the impact the right lighting solution can have on your products.