• Wakefields
    Transforming a business through lighting
  • Wakefields
    Transforming a business through lighting


From the initial call from Dominic Wakefield and our primary visit to this stunning store, the objectives were crystal clear: – Illuminate the jewellery to show it off to the max, reduce running costs and heat build-up.

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The Solution

180 LED Luminaires later, the whole of the store has been transformed.

The display cabinets around the edges of the store now have a consistent colour of light, and equal brightness, ensuring all display units are visually connected. In the diamond window we used Linea to create the sparkle needed to display diamonds perfectly, and under-shelf units to create the same brightness below as there is above.

Once installed, the consumption from the Prail 40-4 LED’s and USL’s is just 1810W, a reduction of energy of 70%, however the major benefit here is the reduction of heat. In the enclosed windows, the heat build-up in summer was very high, now it is virtually the same ambient temperature as the rest of the shop.

Since the installation of the new lights, the window areas are much cooler, maintaining the same temperature as the rest of the shop (22-25 degrees C), therefore creating a much more pleasant environment for the staff whilst in the window areas.

The visual aspects of the shops interior are much better balanced, with consistent brightness throughout the store and less shadowing. Previously, with metal halide lamps, there was colour shift (the colour of the light yellows as the lamp ages). Now with the LED’s, this is a thing of the past, as the LED Chip cannot change colour over time. These lamps have a life of 18-20 years in retail environments and the light output will remain consistent over this period. The window displays of the store have been transformed, with far reduced shadowing, and the addition of Linea in the diamond window creating that all important sparkle.

Dominic Wakefield, Owner

We have noticed a huge reduction in heat generated throughout the shop and behind the windows, which we used to have to use air con to cool. We hope to have a significant saving in energy consumption going forward and less maintenance. The illumination is stronger and more consistent and the gemstones really sparkle under the LED strips. We were very pleased with the service provided by Parify, from the initial contact, fully itemised quotes and speed of installation. We look forward to working with them again for our Brighton store.