How to stand out on a crowded high street

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Making your store stand out on the high street is absolutely crucial when competing with large jewellery chains. Here at Parify, we are always coming up with innovative ways to help you improve your lighting. We have helped many independent jewellers and popular retailers across the world with their lighting solutions, read our case studies to find out more!

In this blog, we have highlighted some helpful points to suggest what you can do to make your shop stand out from the crowd and increase sales.

 Install effective window lighting which captures attention

Window lighting is one of the most important aspects of attracting customers on the high street. Dull lighting will kill any sparkle in your collections, but by displaying a product under good lighting, it will show off your jewellery’s features in all their glory.

Our Diamond Sparkle downlight has been designed to give your displays the ‘wow factor’ and is perfect for capturing the attention of passing shoppers. This innovative downlight has multiple, rotating LED lights rather than spotlights, which enables every facet of a diamond sparkle and shine. You can watch an example of Diamond Sparkle alongside our Cerebra 38 downlight working together to create a dramatic sparkle in Cry For The Moon’s window display in the video below.

Be clever with your window displays

There are a couple of clever ways you can change up your window displays to be more effective:

2. Get your angles right

It’s obvious that your lights should be positioned in a way that creates sparkle, but what about the jewellery itself? By placing lighting directly above your jewellery pieces, you can reflect the light off the table of the diamond. This means the light (and sparkle from the diamond!) will naturally be reflected into the customer’s eyes without it being too bright.

2. Implement a flexible & adaptable solution

Our sister company Progressive Display offers a wireless shelving solution which allows you to rearrange shelving with ease; allowing you to change the layout of your window displays without having to remove or reposition cabling. One of the best things about this wireless shelving solution is that they are incorporated with our lighting!

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Take a look at how these tips helped Nicholas Wylde Jewellers. Nicholas Wylde, the Managing Director was very impressed with his new window displays…

I travel the world to exhibitions and always keep my eye out for new ideas and innovations. We got together with Scot and he designed my window and put in the amazing products and I’m extremely pleased. In the last month we’ve had about half a dozen clients say: ‘wow what a change’ and ‘look at that sparkle.’”

 Highlight any unique collections with ActivWhite

Picture the scene, your jewellery shop is placed on the high street, but so are three others. They all seem to be doing really well, so how do you compete when you’re selling the same brands and collections? Our advice would be to choose the more unique collections, such as the ones designed by local jewellers, after all it’s not necessarily the collection – but how it’s displayed.

You can make your collections stand out with Parify’s ActivWhite technology. This technology will allow you to change the colour output of your Parify lighting from your Smartphone app. For example, if you chose to install our Cerebra lighting, you can have a cool, white lighting shining on silver which will complement the colours more than a warm light. You can read more about maximising your jewellery displays with our blog here.

Our ActivWhite technology can be effective for enticing customers into your shop when installed throughout the interior of your store too. It can be used to influence shoppers throughout different seasons. For example, in the colder, winter months you can change your lighting colours inside the store to be warm light, which will entice shoppers in. And in the warmer, summer months; a cool white light can be used to entice shoppers in from the heat.


There’s a lot to consider when trying to make your store stand out on the high street. If you’d like more help standing out and want to make a difference to your sales, then get in touch with our experts about our innovative solutions.