Looking back at International Jewellery London

The Parify Group at IJL

Armed with the message ‘Serious about selling diamonds?’ We were delighted to be amongst the stunning displays at this year’s International Jewellery London (IJL) exhibition, showing our innovative range of lighting solutions. Our Co-owners & Directors, Andy and Scot, had a great time meeting with jewellery professionals and store owners, proudly showing our lighting solutions and products.

Were you there too? Let’s take a look back at a truly ‘dazzling’ event.

Putting innovative lighting in the spotlight

The best quality jewellery needs to be shown in the best quality light. Andy and Scot were all too happy to show the difference that the right lighting can make in a store display and for enticing potential buyers to take a closer look at the jewellery.

Stealing the limelight was our Cerebra and ActivWhite technology combination. Andy and Scot gave an in-depth demonstration of how this brings out the best sparkle and how easy it is to create the right tone of light to complement the jewels’ unique sparkle.

The Parify Group at IJL The Parify Group at IJL The Parify Group at IJL

For anyone looking to boost their diamond sales, this combination of adaptable lighting really does make a significant difference. Take a look at this article to learn more.

Hear from the co-owners themselves

After returning back to Parify HQ, Andy said, “It was great to be at IJL 2018. It was a pleasure to meet with clients who clearly understand that the only way to succeed on the high street is by investing in their store delivering the highest customer experience and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Are you serious about selling diamonds? 

It was a great experience for the Parify Group to be at IJL and we were amazed at each of the stands we visited. If you’d like to have another look at our lighting solutions and how they can work in your store, get in touch with the team.