The journey towards better lighting is smooth with The Parify Promise

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Here at Parify, we know that every organisation is different. That’s why we do everything possible to provide the right lighting solutions to power your sales forwards.

With The Parify Promise, you’ll be working with an innovative team which puts your needs and requirements top of the priority list at all times. Let us take you on a journey towards an effective lighting solution you can be proud of.





Bespoke lighting design tailored to your style 

We completely understand that you will have your own ideas and aspirations for what you hope to achieve with your new lighting. By working closely with you to understand your requirements, we can install custom-made LED lighting solutions with a bespoke quote to go with them.

Not only that, but our specialists will also give you plenty of advice to make sure that you will have the right solution for your business. We’ll be on hand to guide you through each step of the process, from quote to installation.


Innovative solutions to give you an edge

All of our products are designed with you in mind. Whether you’re looking to experiment with different combinations or curious about trying something new, we can create a solution tailored for you.

Innovation is an important part of everything we do here at Parify. Take our ActivWhite technology for example; with just a few taps on a smartphone, you and your team can control different lighting combinations to make your products stand out in a crowded high street.

ActivWhite allows you to easily adjust the colour of your luminaires through our Smartlight app, and has already made a significant difference for a number of jewellery outlets. Learn more about this innovative technology.


Unique solutions made to order

At Parify, we believe that precision equals perfection. Each and every one of our products is designed and constructed by hand at our Leicestershire facility, and undergoes extensive testing to ensure they are in line with quality accreditations. In short, your lighting solution is bespoke to you, is of the highest standard, and has been created with a high attention to detail.

Our products are usually completed within one and six weeks plus shipping, and as part of our commitment to providing the highest possible care, each one comes with a five-year guarantee.

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We’ll deal with all the technical bits!

Our focus on providing unique and bespoke solutions even carries through to the installation. We have a dedicated team of technical experts who will ensure your lighting solution delivers what you expect. And because we’re forever striving for perfection, we also work closely with the electricians, giving support in any way we can.

Because we also believe you should understand as much as possible about how your system operates, the Parify experts will even produce your own unique installation guide to show you everything your lighting is capable of.


We’re always here to help

No issue is too big or too small for the Parify team. From start to finish, we’ll always be on hand to answer your questions and strive to find the right solution. This high level of care is why many of our customers come back to us time and again for repeated service.

Of course, our support doesn’t end when the lighting is in place. Our experts will continue to assist with aftercare and ongoing maintenance, ensuring your system is working perfectly at all times. And if you’re worried that something isn’t quite right, we’re only a phone call away!


Let’s talk about you!

If you’re looking to drive sales for your business through show stopping lighting, get in touch with our team today on 01509 323 111 and discuss your needs today!