Tips on how to boost your sales in 2020!

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In the world of jewellery – and retail in general – it can feel increasingly difficult for high-street, brick-and-mortar businesses to compete with their online equivalents. You might even have an online shop yourself – but think about it like this: no one is going to stroll past your website on a cold Saturday morning, become interested in a piece of jewellery and nip in to have a look. They will, however, do this on the high-street. So, it’s doubly important that your window display is as eye-catching as you can possibly make it – this will make a massive difference to what the customer is looking at.

That’s where Parify comes in. We’ve been helping stores to stand out on the high street for years – and we thought we’d shed some light on the ways that you can boost your sales in 2020.

Pick the most effective lighting for your displays
It’s easy to think that you just need any old light shining down on your pieces to make them sparkle. But if you really want to start capturing hearts and minds, then you need to step up your game. We recommend two different types of LED light that enhance the look of your jewellery. Combine our appropriately named Diamond Sparkle downlight and our Cerebra downlight for lighting which is absorbed and refracted by your products to make the entire display shine. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Mix things up
If you think your displays – window or otherwise – aren’t working, then it’s time for change! Our sister-company Progressive Display provides jewellers with wireless shelving, making displays incredibly easy to change and adapt. Think about it – most Jewellers display things in exactly the same way. Be innovative and try something new with your shelving, like arranging them in tiers, and create something that no one has seen before. The more unique you are, the more likely you are to be remembered (and to make a sale!).

Light temperature matters
Lighting everything in your shop the same way is the easiest way to set up – but it’s definitely not the most effective. Different diamonds react to different temperatures of light in different ways. For example, a colourless diamond shines brightest when it’s under a cool light. A yellow diamond looks best with a little more warmth.

That’s all well and good – but how can you change the temperature of your lights without physically changing the LEDs? Say hello to Parify’s ActivWhite technology – our innovative software that lets you control individual pools of light through your smartphone. Meaning you can select the best light temperature for the job across your whole shop.

Want more tips?
So, there you have it – three simple, easy tips for boosting your sales in 2020. If you want to know more about how Parify can boost your sales in 2020, get in touch today.