Berry's Of Leeds

With eight stores across the UK, Berry’s has become a major name in jewellery retail. The stores all feature some of the biggest brands in jewellery, including Chanel, Gucci, and TAG Heuer amongst others.

Having already brought our innovative lighting to the Nottingham branch of Berry’s, we were again on hand to provide brand new lighting for the retailer’s flagship store in Leeds, which needed to really show the watch and jewellery displays to their full potential.

The Solution

The first solution we installed at the Berry’s flagship store was a combination of our Cerebra 38 and Diamond Sparkle lights to all of the windows in the store. These allowed Berry’s to have as much flexibility over their stock placement and positioning as the lights could be adjusted to show the unique sparkle of specific diamonds.

Internally, we installed our Prail ActivWhite lighting which allowed the jewellery and watch sides of the Berry’s store to effortlessly seam together. ActivWhite, through its ability to adjust to suit different tones, created a warm ambience throughout the store.

Our low-energy Cerebra 26 lights were installed over the display cases, providing the ideal lighting for customers to examine the pieces close-up whilst keeping the running costs of the lighting as low as possible. These lights in particular work well with the high-value pieces that Berry’s stocks as the soft tones are ideal for bringing out the jewels’ sparkle without being too overbearing for the customer.

The various lighting solutions that we provided meant that the Berry’s flagship store became a stunning and bright outlet for people to purchase big-name pieces of jewellery and made the whole buying experience a memorable one.