Gear Jewellers

After 10 years at their old store in Dublin, Gear Jewellers decided it was time for a change. In order to maximise the potential of their jewellery and diamond collections, the family-owned retailer opted to move into a brand new store, just 3 doors down from their old store!

Having already used our lighting in their previous store, Gear Jewellers approached us again to install a new solution for their new home.


The Solution

Customer service was key when it came to providing Gear Jewellers’ new lighting. They wanted their customers to have a great experience within the store and that the jewellery looked just as impressive up close as it did in the windows.

In order to achieve this, we installed our Bridge lighting within their cabinets and cases with our Cerebra lights over the counter. This meant that the customer would be able to see the diamond’s unique sparkle both in and out of its store case. This combination also means that the customer can observe the piece of jewellery up close in the best possible light, which Gear Jewellers believes makes for a good customer experience.

With jewels shining uniquely under different lighting, we had to provide a solution that would showcase the colour of each jewel to their maximum potential. This is why Cerebra was an effective choice.

Rather than having one colour or brightness throughout the entire store, Cerebra allows the colour of the lights to be changed to suit the jewellery and ensures that it retains its beauty even when the customer holds the jewellery in their hands.