Hancocks Jewellers

The Hancocks story starts all the way back in 1860 when the store became the very first jewellers in Manchester. Today the company is one of the most recognisable and renowned brands in the city, achieved by their continued focus on excellence and quality. That and having an outstanding store.

The Solution

Parify were called upon to bring a fresh look to Hancocks’ windows, which would entice passers-by and make full use of the natural light the store already receives. The result? A vibrant new appearance completed with minimal disruption.

Because the Hancocks store already had a lot of natural light coming into the building, we developed a plan to bring the stock to life, creating depth, brightness, clarity and lots of sparkle.

To create this effect, we employed the very latest technology in In Cerebra and Diamond Sparkle lights, which together, create a synergistic effect that is completely adjustable for intensity, colour and brightness, that would allow the Hancocks team to alter the effect of the lighting to suit the jewellery in the window. This means that the coloured gemstones can have a little bit more yellow light shone on them, whilst the Diamonds would require a whiter solution.

Gemstone with facets need to sparkle, and this is what attracts casual shoppers.  Our unique solution to create sparkle is our Cerebra 38 and Diamond Sparkle, which we installed  throughout all of the window environments within Hancocks. These two products are the perfect combination for a shop front that sells, drawing people in.

It was also essential that the work we did was carried out with minimal disruption to the store’s operations. After meeting with the team at Hancocks, we devised a plan of action, and managed to deliver the completed project sooner than we planned.

As a result of the lighting and swift installation, Hancocks’ store was able to get back to doing what it does best; displaying and selling incredible pieces of jewellery to the residents and shoppers of Manchester, with an eye-catching new look.