Urban Antidote

We have developed specialist lights, specifically for the art sector to showcase the artwork on display in Urban Antidote, a pop-up art gallery located in Leicester’s Highcross Shopping centre. This is part of our expansion plans to enter the art industry.

We have already witnessed the success that the correct lighting has had on jewellery sales, and spotting a gap in the market within the art sector, we wanted to explore this opportunity. Urban Antidote is a funky spin-off from established gallery Antidote Art, based in Lutterworth.


The Solution

We installed Urban Antidote with Cerebra 38 Track Smart, LED ActivWhite Lights which has the ability to fine tune the colour temperature output of the luminaire, which allows the user to set the exact colour of the light to show off the art in the best light possible. The highly popular and innovative system ActivWhite has also been installed in 15 units.

ActivWhite is an intelligent lighting control system that allows you to control our lighting from a smartphone or tablet by using our Smartlight App. The technology gives flexibility to group up to 500 lights, create zones, install daylight sensors and have the system controlled by as many as 10 tablets or smartphones operating wirelessly. The system also adjusts to change the colour and brightness of the LED lights from a cool white to a warm white, suiting both pastel tones with a cool white light, and browns and red tones with a warmer coloured light.

The colour changing feature and brightness control allows the art exhibitor to show their collections off in very best light enhancing the detail in the artwork. Also, all our lighting emits zero UV rays, which means discolouration will never materialise on pieces of art due to the lighting, therefore protecting the value of the art.